2024 Leamington Open Results

The third and final leg of the 2023/24 Warwickshire Championships was held at Warwick Trident College in Leamington. 124 players participated.

The Open was won by 13-year old Elis Dicen. In addition to winning the tournament, her FIDE rating passed 2000 after her Round 3 win, which secures her the Women’s Candidate Master title once the June 2024 FIDE rating list. She becomes Warwickshire’s newest FIDE titled player since Richard Weaving in 2017.

The Warwickshire Championship was won by 18-year old Finlay Bowcott-Terry, whose combined score of 8½ points from Coventry and Leamington put him a point ahead of Matthew Harborne in the standings. Elis Dicen won the Warwickshire Women’s Championship for the second time. The final Championship standings can be found here.

The full tournament results can be found here:

Open | Under 2000 | Under 1750 | Under 1500

Photographs taken by Brendan O’Gorman, a participant in the Under 1750 section, can be found at his SmugMug account.

2024 Warwickshire Champion: Finlay Bowcott-Terry
Finlay Bowcott-Terry
2024 Warwickshire Champion
2024 Warwickshire Women's Champion: Elis Dicen
Elis Dicen
2024 Warwickshire Women's Champion
2024 Leamington Open Winner
2024 Leamington Open
The playing area at Warwickshire Trident College
Photograph used with the permission of Brendan O'Gorman
1Dicen, Elis Denele2098ENGCoventry Chess Academy£180.00
2=Bowcott-Terry, Finlay2313ENGSolihull4£60.00
NMCarroll, Thomas2259ENGUniversity of Sheffield4£60.00
James, Russell A2078ENGShirley & Wythall4£60.00
1Harrison, Oliver1829ENGOlton£180.00
2Quraishi, Shahab U A1980ENGWest Bromwich4£120.00
3=Faulkner, Martin J1884ENGCoulsdon£15.00
Berkley, Stephen W1792ENGEast Ham£15.00
Edwards, Rhys1768ENGCoventry£15.00
Phanish, Adithya1631ENGUniversity Of Birmingham£15.00
1=Burgess, Jasmine1705ENGMutual Circle£150.00
Chadaway, Stephen M1654ENGOlton£150.00
3=O’Gorman, Brendan1716ENGDHSS£10.00
Blewett, John1667ENGNone£10.00
White, Nicholas E1626ENGWycombe & Hazlemere£10.00
Ravi, Vash1605ENGUniversity of Warwick£10.00
Nevin, Mike1602ENGLeamington£10.00
Liu, Andrew1535ENGUniversity of Warwick£10.00
1Warden, Mike1488ENGSolihull5£180.00
2Hill, Granville1389ENGLatimer4£120.00
3=Butler, Rene1448ENGMarket Harborough£20.00
Singh, Amandeep1308ENGLeeds Juniors£20.00
Gillibrand, David1304ENGNone£20.00
Bartlett, Sam1087ENGAshtonRating
1Bartlett, Sam1087ENGAshton2.50£60.00
Warwickshire Chess Association