Media Policy

How will Consent from Entrants be given?

At the time of entry to a tournament, the entry form will include a question inviting the person filling in the entry form to opt-in to having photographs or videos taken which include them for the purposes set out below at that tournament.


What Media will be used?

Warwickshire Chess Association will make use of the following forms of media at our tournaments:

  • Photographs
  • Videos


How will it be used?

Some of these may be uploaded to one or more of the following pages:

  • The Warwickshire Chess Association website
  • Warwickshire Chess Association’s Social Media Platforms; including, but not limited to
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter


In addition, Warwickshire Chess Association may share the media more widely only for the purposes of marketing or reporting on the tournament:

  • Local press or TV
  • The English Chess Federation


Where media is used on any of these platforms, it may name the player(s) depicted.


Media captured from a tournament may be used as a “generic” to report news if the player achieves something generic in a competition outside the remit of the Warwickshire Chess Association.


Can Entrants to the Tournament use the Media for personal use?

Players, and parents of children who entered, are welcome to use any media that includes only them, or their child(ren) only, for their personal use. This may be taken directly from our platforms, or upon request, the original copy. Please note “How Will the Media be Captured?” below.


Who Will Capture the Media?

The tournament arbiters will communicate who is capturing the media with the players prior to the start of the tournament.


What Type of Media will be taken?

In practice there is no limitation, however the expected media are:

  • Prize Giving at Junior Tournaments
  • Panoramic Views of a Tournament Hall – players who did not opt in will be blocked out
  • Specific Views of Individual Players; this will most likely occur during the game, but be carried out during the game


How Will the Media be Captured?

A personal device will be used, but all media captured using this will be deleted from the device within 7 days of the conclusion of the tournament, regardless of whether or not the media will uploaded to any of the platforms.


Third Party Media

From time-to-time, the tournament organiser may provide consent for a third-party to take photographs at a tournament. This consent will only be given to established non-chess media (e.g. local press), or established photographers within the chess community. If this consent is provided, the information regarding who has opted in will be shared with them.


Withdrawal of Consent

Please inform either the tournament organiser prior to the tournament, or the Chief Arbiter at the tournament.


Removal of Media from Platforms

Please use the process outlined in the Data Protection Policy.


Other Advice for Players and Parents

  • If it is communicated that there is someone taking Media at a tournament, politely reminding that person at a quiet moment of the tournament would be appreciated as an extra insurance against errors.
  • If there are situations on which you wish to seek further clarification, please contact the tournament organiser. The details for that will be clear on the Warwickshire Chess Association website for each tournament.


Approved by the Warwickshire Chess Association Management Board

December 2023

Applied to tournaments starting from March 2024

Warwickshire Chess Association